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We represent an elite and comprehensive approach to personal training. We do not believe in cookie-cut or one-size-fits-all offerings. Instead, we design individualized programs tailored to meet the unique fitness and lifestyle goals of a wide range of athletes, health enthusiasts and everyday individuals. Whether you’re a professional athlete looking to get to the next level or just looking to reap the lifestyle benefits that come from healthy habits, we are uniquely positioned to train both your body and mind to achieve success.



After years of evaluating a variety of training methods all around the world, our team has developed a multi-faceted approach to health and fitness that revolves around flexibility, mobility, stability and strength training.

Our process is straightforward: we begin with an assessment of your physical condition and personal goals, then we build a routine that is guaranteed to increase your self-awareness, functionality, strength and overall health – all within a fun and safe environment!

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True Coaching is not a one-size-fits-all gym. We do not employ high-pressure sales techniques and are not focused on signing up clients just to collect a pay-cheque — we are a team of committed coaches who genuinely care about our client’s fitness!

With countless years of experience and expertise at our disposal, we are able to apply advanced theory and tried-and-true practices we guarantee will equip you to reach the next level, whatever that means for you. And because we genuinely care, we’re going to always be there to push you further, because that’s where the real gains are made! But don’t worry, we’ll always be by your side to ensure you have the support and encouragement you need.

If you think this is the kind of personal training you could benefit from, the first step is to register for your free, no-obligation fitness consultation


Jeff Thornhill, founder of True Coaching, applies a transformative approach to healthy living that combines personal training and life coaching. As a world-class athlete with more than 20 years experience competing and training world-wide, Jeff’s unique perspective, wealth of knowledge and unquenchable passion for achievement positions him perfectly to help others achieve a variety of fitness and life goals.

Jeff is a former professional kickboxer and martial artist who holds a black belt in Karate and is an IKMF certified instructor in Krav Maga. He is also an ACE-certified personal trainer and coach with more than a decade of experience developing personalized training routines for professional athletes and everyday fitness enthusiasts alike.

No longer fighting professionally, Jeff is still training and competing at a high level. His focus has moved to a new and emerging sport called Kettlebell, in which he has obtained his Agatsu level 2 certification. He recently took first place in the OKC International Vancouver Open Kettlebell Sport Competition here in Richmond, British Columbia and went on to place fourth in the world as a representative of Canada in the 2016 World Championships hosted in Kazakhstan.

Never one to settle, Jeff continues to train in the sport of Kettlebell with an eye on reaching the podium at his next international competition. In the meantime, as one of the most sought after personal trainers in the Lower Mainland, Jeff continues to offer True Coach Methods to help professional athletes and everyday people reach their fitness and life goals.


Jeff is super specific and tailors our sessions to my specific needs and wants, which keep changing with every new role I take on as an actor. A great unexpected bonus has been to learn about some of Jeff's own mental preparation as an über competitive athlete, something I've found phenomenally helpful not only to my workouts but also to my acting work and in "getting out of my own way". Jeff is honest, encouraging, a great personal trainer and a great guy.

Thomas Leslie
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