flexibility and mobility training

Flexibility & Mobility Training In Vancouver BC

Joint mobility and flexibility training are an essential step in achieving your fitness goals: if you cannot move properly, you cannot train properly. True Coaching starts with the fundamentals, building a base-of-movement from which we work to gradually increase your joint mobility, range of motion, stability and control of movements. By taking these important first steps you’ll enhance your body’s performance, sharpen your mental focus, set yourself up for additional training and, most importantly, reduce your risk of injury.

flexibility and mobility training
flexibility and mobility training

Our Flexibility & Mobility Training Includes

Health and fitness aren't just about lifting heavy weights; it incorporates other aspects and ways of achieving fitness goals, such as regular flexibility and mobility protocol. Flexibility and mobility training helps your body move like it's naturally built to. 

You should be able to stretch and bend without any pain and muscle soreness. To achieve that level, our trainers include the following exercises in flexibility and mobility training:

  • Reverse lunges with side bends
  • Squats
  • Rotational low lunge
  • Lateral lunge to plank
  • Wide squat with internal rotation
  • Single-leg deadlift

All these exercises increase your ability to achieve and control the optimal range of motion. 

Incorporating flexibility training in your everyday training schedule increases your strength and enhances the ability of your muscles, ligaments, and tendons to elongate through the movement.

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Why Choose Us for Flexibility & Mobility Training in Vancouver?

Being fit and healthy isn't just about running fast and lifting heavy weights; it is also about the ease of body movements during workouts and everyday life.

We at True Coach aim to achieve precisely that. You can successfully achieve any fitness goal with the right attitude, team, and approach.

We are a team of committed coaches with years of experience and expertise and hence, can guarantee that you will surely reach the next level of fitness with us. We will always be by your side to ensure you have all the support, motivation, and encouragement you need to achieve your goals.

So reach out to us, and let's start your fitness journey together!

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