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Group Fitness Training/Classes in Vancouver, BC

Get in shape, stay fit, and achieve all your fitness goals with True Coach group fitness classes. We provide high-energy, meaningful, and creative workout regimes in Vancouver that will enhance the quality of your movement and increase your body strength, power, and speed. We have a wide variety of programs to get your heart racing and help you burn calories faster.

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Our Safe & Innovative Approach to Group Fitness

If a workout seems challenging, switch to group fitness classes. You will feel motivated and inspired seeing someone next to you doing the same thing. Push your limits and achieve all your fitness goals with group fitness.

Being a part of a fitness community can be highly beneficial. You can find support and guidance from people on the same journey as you. Our trainers use a safe and innovative approach to help you achieve your fitness goals. Improve your health and wellness with our strength and endurance classes.

We welcome people with all fitness levels with the same enthusiasm. So, whether you have been working out for years or have just started, we will help you become your best self.

World-Class Group Fitness Trainers in Vancouver BC

A group fitness session, as the name suggests, is an exercise program performed with other people under the guidance of a certified instructor. Group fitness sessions can involve many different types of exercises, including Pilates, Yoga, Cycling, strength training, and more.

There is a set schedule, a certified instructor, and a group of people with the same goals working together to move forward on their fitness journey. 

Group classes also benefit your social health; you will become more confident and gain immense support and motivation from others on the same journey.

With the world-class group fitness trainers at True Coach, you will build a better physique and a strong mind to lead a happy and healthy life.

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