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HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a specialized training program where, as the name suggests, you are given a high-intensity workout. You will build strength, burn calories, and have lots of fun. It is exceptionally challenging and pushes you to your limit. You will work at a high-intensity level, slow down for a recovery period, and start again with another round of high-intensity.

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The popularity of HIIT training is on the rise as it is one of the most effective forms of workout and delivers superb results in a relatively short time, as compared to traditional activities. HIIT training improves cardiovascular health, regularizes blood pressure, improves cholesterol profiles, and regulates abdominal fat and body weight. It involves repeated sets of high-intensity exercises followed by pre-defined rest periods.

If you are looking for the best HIIT trainers in Vancouver, then your search ends here at True Coach. We will develop a HIIT program after closely studying your health conditions, your fitness level, and your fitness goals.

If you exercise regularly, HIIT is an excellent alternative to any fitness routine and will help you build better stamina and endurance while dramatically reducing fat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most say they notice a difference in their bodies by doing HIIT continuously for about a month. After the first month, you will notice many internal changes, such as improved inner strength and an overall boost in energy.

Though HIIT is an effective and fantastic form of workout, it is not for everyone. People with asthma or respiratory problems should consult their doctor before they start HIIT.

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