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CrossFit Training in Vancouver, BC

CrossFit training is a high-intensity interval training program that involves strength and endurance-building exercises. It is a specified workout made up of functional movements performed at a high-intensity level. 

CrossFit is a universal workout plan that can be modified according to the varied fitness levels of people.

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Our CrossFit Training Includes

CrossFit training consists of usual movements and actions performed in your daily life, such as squats, push-ups, weight lifting, and more. It is only the intensity that varies. These workouts are incredibly effective as they emphasize load, distance, and speed. 

At True Coach, all our CrossFit classes are coached by certified CrossFit trainers who are well-versed in the entire regime and will ensure you do the exercises correctly and safely.

Our CrossFit exercises include:

  • Burpees, push-ups, and sit-ups
  • Varied motions with barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells
  • Workouts using jump ropes, pull-up bars,
  • Activities using rings, and medicine balls

The above-mentioned are examples of some of the best CrossFit workouts that yield maximum results if done right and consistently. However, there is much more to CrossFit. To find out more, join us for a fun session! 

Nervous to Join 'CrossFit' style Gym? We make your Training Enjoyable

If CrossFit scares you, it's time to join True Coach. We offer CrossFit training for all fitness levels. So whether you are a beginner, an intermediate athlete, or an advanced one, we will help you reach your fitness goals and push your limits safely. When you start training with the best trainers, you will surely fall in love with CrossFit.

Over time you will build muscular strength and endurance and burn more calories. Once you start seeing the results, we know you will be addicted. So, join CrossFit today with the right people and make your training sessions productive, energetic, and enjoyable.

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