Group Training

Get in shape, stay fit, and achieve all your fitness goals with True Coach group fitness classes. We provide high-energy, meaningful, and creative workout regimes in Vancouver....

Flexibility & Mobility Training

Joint mobility and flexibility training are an essential step in achieving your fitness goals: if you cannot move properly, you cannot train properly.

Boxing Training

Boxing is a complex sport requiring a focused mind and discipline. The sport is incredibly demanding and tests both your mental and physical fitness. Besides discipline and focus.....

Strength and Resistance Training

As you become more mobile, stable and self-aware, we will begin to move into strength and resistance training. Our training programs vary, but they consistently focus on the importance

Circuit Training

All of our circuit routines focus on the mastery of movement by combining the coordination of multiple muscle groups in a variety of progressive exercises.

Kettlebell Training

Our kettlebell workouts employ the latest techniques and routines to push your body to its breaking point, while emphasizing form and fundamentals.

Corporate Training

Encourage an environment of achievement with corporate training tailored to your organizational goals. Whether you’re training existing employees

Self Defense Training

Krav Maga is a defensive tactics system used by law enforcement agencies around the world. It is not only an effective real-life...

Specialized Training

We offer highly individualized programs designed to help those who set the bar high, reach their destination. It’s like having your own cornerman;

Crossfit Training

CrossFit training is a high-intensity interval training program that involves strength and endurance-building exercises. It is a specified workout made up of functional movements

HIIT Training

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a specialized training program where, as the name suggests, you are given a high-intensity workout. You will build strength, burn calories....

Jeff is super specific and tailors our sessions to my specific needs and wants, which keep changing with every new role I take on as an actor. A great unexpected bonus has been to learn about some of Jeff's own mental preparation as an über competitive athlete, something I've found phenomenally helpful not only to my workouts but also to my acting work and in "getting out of my own way". Jeff is honest, encouraging, a great personal trainer and a great guy.

Thomas Leslie
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