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Kettlebell Training In Vancouver BC

Our kettlebell workouts employ the latest techniques and routines to push your body to its breaking point, while emphasizing form and fundamentals. Routines are designed to work multiple muscle groups and maximize every second of your workout: combining strength and full body movement training, you can burn up to 400 calories in 20 minutes!

The best thing is, there are no limits to the number of routines and circuits we offer or where you can take your kettlebell training.

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Kettlebells are time-tested tools with origins that can be traced back to Russia as many as 300 years ago.

These odd-shaped weights resemble a cannonball with a handle, and even though they have recently grown from a niche sport practiced in Russia to a worldwide fitness phenomenon, these effective fitness tools are anything but a fad.

Kettlebell’s ability to stand the test of time as an effective tool for training strength and endurance is largely due to their simplicity. As a sport, kettlebell athletes compete according to weight class and weights lifted, working against the clock in an attempt to achieve the highest reps possible in a given time.

A gruelling ten-minute physical challenge, these competitions require participants to develop incredible technical form as well as muscular endurance. A unique weight lifting sport, Kettlebell’s are not lifted for max weight, but rather, are sub-maximal load lifted for max repetitions.

From competitive sport to fitness tool, Kettlebells are designed to offer strength, endurance and an incredible calorie burn for those who utilize them. In fact, a recent study done by ACE tested kettlebell training against other popular fitness modalities and found Kettlebells to be the ‘king of the calorie burn’; boasting an incredible 20 calories per minute.

Jeff Thornhill- Canadian Kettlebell Champion

Jeff Thornhill: Canadian Kettlebell Champion

In October of 2017, Jeff Thornhill joined the Canadian Kettlebell National team to compete on an international stage in Kazakhstan, Russia; the nation where the sport of kettlebell originated.

After months of training, local competitions and the need to overcome a plethora of obstacles, Jeff achieved 4th in the world and has returned home more experienced, more focused and equipped to share his successful training methods with anyone who believes in themselves and in the benefits of fitness training.

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